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Our Vision

The origins of Wafra Advanced General Trading and Contracting Company go back to 2005, when efforts were joined to create one of the best Arab and general trading companies.
After years of growth, Wafra Advanced General Trading and Contracting Company continues to practice the same management style that was merged upon its establishment, which is based on mutual trust with clients, ease of communication, and seamless cooperation across sites and departments. Since the company’s inception, we have relied on new technology to improve performance efficiency and enhance project controls.
To know more about Wafra Advanced General Trading and Contracting Company, please browse the company’s introduction.

Our Mission

We are a diversified company carrying out construction, engineering, procurement, development and investment activities. We are committed to providing reliable, friendly and professional service to our valued clients, being environmentally friendly as well as being proactive in the social and economic environments in which we operate. Our appreciation of our clients’ interests, which is evident by meeting their requirements and ensuring high-quality work, is the main directive of our management.

Our growth and profitability are maintained through innovation, technical strengthening and the ability to adapt to all of our markets. Our profitability is geared towards maintaining growth. Our commitment to growth is closely tied to our commitment to the continuous development of our employees and rewarding careers. We are also committed to the safety, health, job security and well-being of our employees. Our strength stems from our distinguished culture, our strong and close relationships with our clients, the competence and loyalty of employees, pioneering and flexible management, ability, dynamism, focus on quality and safety, and commercial acumen.