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Risk Analysis and Management

Risk Analysis and Management is a key project management practice to ensure that the least number of surprises occur while your project is underway. This improves the chance of successful project completion and reduces the consequences of those risks.
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Cost Control and Budgeting

Forecasting the financial performance of your business is a key part of business planning. Budgeting helps you see flaws in in your financial plans and anticipate possible cash flow problems, at the same time you can identify the key costs in your business and find opportunities to cut unnecessary spending and reduce your overheads.
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Schedule Management

We provides a comprehensive professional programme scheduling service to clients, The robust nature of our approach to programme scheduling enables clients more effectively to develop projects from concept to reality within specified timelines and to agreed budgets.
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Tendering and Cost Estimation

Tendering and estimating services: Cost Estimation at all stages of a project (Concept through to Pre tender). Feasibility Studies. Estimate Peer Reviews. Parallel Estimates. TOC Validations. Procurement and Contract Advice. Tender Documentation. Tender Evaluation/ Analysis. Value Engineering.
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